Here’s what a Nature by Design landscape can do for you :

  • TRANSITION your landscape to create a beautiful oasis that allows for biodiversity
  • PROVIDE native bees with ‘BEE’-licious sources of pollen & nectar, as well as areas for shelter or nesting
  • SUPPORT the life cycle of butterflies & moths by including essential host plants
  • ENJOY time gardening by choosing plants adapted to your local moisture, light & soil conditions
  • CREATE a rain-garden to divert storm water
  • ENGAGE children in their local environment as they observe & increase their understanding of the natural world

As a Master Gardener who is passionate about our native flora and fauna, together with my Landscape Design qualifications from Mohawk College; I will transfer your needs & preferences to designs and plant materials that will complement your home environment & lifestyle.

“To look after the environment, is to look after ourselves.”

James Raffin

Janet Mackey,
Cert. Landscape Design