Let’s Get Started

The design process generally goes as follows, though it is really just a rough guideline with plenty of flexibility:

  1. Complete a homeowner questionnaire (see below), which will help make sure we don’t miss anything, and help me get a better idea of the scope of your design.
  2. On-site consultation to discuss landscape options, questionnaire, expectations, etc.
  3. I will send you the design quote.
  4. Design deposit due (50%).
  1. Designs start at $200 (small garden redesign. townhouse) and go up depending on size and complexity (average front or back starts around $300, FULL designs including front/back sides generally start around $600).
  2. On-site visit for site survey/measurements. (I will need an accurate copy of your official site survey or plot plan if available.)
  3. 2-3 weeks of email/zoom discussion/design time (typical), preliminary design review (make any final changes or adjustments – NOTE: additional significant changes after this review may result in a change fee of no less than $50. Feel free to share photos of other garden designs you like.
  4. Final design review
  5. Balance Due (50%)
  6. Installation by you, or another contracted company of your choice. (I can provide suggestions). I typically provide a quote for plants from a nursery I work with. I can also work with homeowners to arrange for the delivery of the plant material and place the plants for planting.